Image by Terrance P. Elmore
I am a self-taught filmmaker and photographer who loves the art of storytelling. The love began the day my mother gave me a tape recorder and disposable camera. Amused by how I could record my voice with the tape recorder and play it back, I was introduced to capturing moments through sound. Taking pictures and developing the film is what introduced me to the art visually capturing moments.
Hearing and seeing what I captured would always make me smile as I reflected back on the memories the photos and audio recordings provided. As IĀ got older, I began to fall in love with the art of photography and video. I saw how it was necessary for everyone to not only experience this art but invest in it as well. I wanted others to have an opportunity to experience what I experienced when I interpreted the moments captured through the eyes of my lens. Most of all, I wanted to help others in a unique, creative way. So on October, 25, 2013 I created Your World On Film as a way translate stories through visual art.
Today I create content for businesses from branding images to event highlight videos. I capture love stories for wonderful couples on their beautiful wedding day. I also freelance for various companies including Essence Magazine, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Subaru and National Geographic assisting them to create and tell stories to the world.
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