Image by Terrance P. Elmore
Storytelling is what I love to do. Growing up, I always loved the ability to capture moments. I’ll never forget the day my mom gave me my first tape recorder and disposable camera. I was so tickled at how I could record my voice and play it back to hear. I remember how anxious I was to get the film developed from my camera and how I would just sit there smiling so big thinking back on the memories the photos sparked. As I got older, I began to fall in love with the art of photography and video. I saw how it was so necessary for everyone to not only experience but invest in.
I created Your World On Film so that I could translate stories through visual art for the world to see, to feel and to enjoy. I wanted others to have an opportunity to experience what I experienced, how I interpreted the moments captured through the eyes of my lens. Most of all, I wanted to help others in a unique, creative way. Your World On Film allows me to do just that.
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